Slam Jam success for Y4 basketballers!

Year 4 enjoyed their first basketball session with the Slam Jam coach on Thursday. The children took to the court to improve their dribbling, passing and shooting hoops skills in the first of a weekly session for this half-term.

Forest School

This week the EYFS children made beautiful mud paintings. They collected soil and explored mixing the soil with water to find a good texture to paint with. They then used it to create some fabulous pictures.

Y4 survive crocodile-infested waters!

Year 4 showed their brilliant team-building skills on their return to school when they competed in the Cross The River game. Using coloured tiles, the children had to cross from one side of a ‘river’ to the other using the tiles as stepping stones.

It involved good communication, organisation and leadership skills to survive the treacherous journey!

Chequered flag time at the St Mary’s Grand Prix!

After weeks of designing and constructing their motorised cars to tie in with their current Science project, Electricity, Y4 got chance to race their cars in the hall!

Using cardboard, dowling rods, straws and bottletops to build their cars, the children powered them by building an electric circuit using a battery, wires, switch, a motor and a propeller.

Jessica and Mohammed proved to be our speed champions!